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About Us

Le Loi USA Center has been operating since Sept. 2002 in Houston, Texas. The Director of the Center is Master Thinh Q. Ta. The purpose of the Center is to foster strong moral character, as well as providing physical conditioning and self-defense for its students. Our training objectives combine two martial arts styles, Taekwondo and Hapkido.


Le Loi USA Taekwondo

Our Taekwondo classes begin and end with a period of meditation. The initial meditation allows the student to relax and focus on the class ahead. The final meditation relaxes and calms the students after the vigorous activities of Taekwondo pratice. We are also aware of the health benefits of meditation as it reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.
Le Loi USA Taekwondo instruction involves learning kicking techniques and performing “Katas” or forms (unlike most Taekwondo schools, Le Loi USA students learn forms from both of the two major Taekwondo Federations, ITF and WTF). Students also learn fighting techniques, both offensive and defensive. Sparring sessions are carefully supervised by Le Loi USA instructors. Students wear protective fighting gear and are matched by size and experience to insure their safety. Board breaking is included as part of the testing regimen for new belts ranks and allows students to demonstrate their technical skill. Many Le Loi USA students have won trophies and medals while gaining valuable life experience by participating in Taekwondo tournaments. Sparring and board breaking are optional activities for adult students.

Le Loi USA Hapkido

Hapkido has been described as the Royal Martial Art. It employs both offensive and defensive techniques in self-defense, or to capture and control an adversary. Hapkido techniques are used by law enforcement officers, air marshals, bodyguards, bounty hunters and security guards.
Our Hapkido classes begin with meditation, followed by a series of breathing exercises designed to concentrate and focus internal energy (“Chi”). We train students to defend against attack from other martial arts techniques. We also teach self-defense against armed attacks with knife, gun and baton or club.

Student Profiles

Our younger students are boys and girls ages 5 and up to teens. Our adults students, both male and female, range in age from young adults to retirees. We welcome students of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. We invite students who wish to “get in shape”, while learning self defense skills, and improving strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination. Our classes also contribute to better cardio-vascular health and weight control. We do suggest that prospective students undergo physical examination and have approval by a family physician before enrolling.

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